Media Training Services:

We work with many media, crisis and presentation trainers, PR firms and agencies from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Brussels, UK and Houston Texas. The content and client identities are confidential. Our services include recording press, radio and television interviews. Live cross simulation, media conference and Audio Visual logistics. Video news releases - we film and prepare video vision for release to media, websites and/or social websites.

Video News Releases:

If you have a story to tell and it's news worthy we can film and package it with a Media Release and arrange distribution to all television newsroom electronically Australia Wide. Conditions Apply and relevance of stories will affect interest and distribution.

TVC Television Commercials:

Imagine sitting at home and watching your own television commercial selling your product, service or event. Call us to discuss your options.

Television Shows/Documentaries:

It is possible to have a television show, TV Special or documentary produced for you. It is a competitive market but organisations such as Channel 31 Melbourne and the Aurora Channel on Foxtel have possibilities, not to mention the world of internet.